Antique Victorian Era Retro Look & Vintage Style Easter Cards

More About "Looking Out My Backdoor" Antique, Victorian Era, Retro, Vintage Style Cards:

Our cards are based on antique prints from rare books or from Victorian and Edwardian era greeting and holiday cards and postcards. They have been retouched and reformatted to correct for some defects due to age but not to the extent that would compromise their beauty or their vintage look.  The digital images are then printed on quality paper for a beautiful look and finish,  The antique vintage style note card sets are 4.25in x 5.5in.  The Antique Victorian Retro and Vintage style Greeting and Holiday Cards are 8.5in x 5.5in (except where noted).  All cards come with a high quality foil-lined envelope.  All of our cards are hand made, one at a time.  We are sure you will be pleased with the "Looking Our My Backdoor" product line.Type your paragraph here.

Don't buy a mass-produced card that looks like an after-thought while you were at the grocery or pharmacy.  Buy a "Looking Out My Backdoor" hand-made card that says "I thought of you and bought a unique card because you are special to me.".

Easter 2016

A few notes about Victorian & Edwardian Era Easter Cards

Easter Symbols:  History
Most of the non-human images that make up a Victorian or Edwardian era Easter Card pre-date Christianity.  They are symbols of Spring and Fertility that were important in indigenous Celtic religions prior to the spread of Christianity.  The Church was unable to ban the symbols and rituals so around 1000 AD the church began the incorporation of some of the prior practices and symbology into their own.

The Symbols
Eggs and new chicks, both chickens and ducks are a sign of fertility. The farmers would collect the eggs in a basket or apron. Rabbits defend territory during mating season and rabbits bouncing around can be seen when this happen.  This plus their capacity to reproduce in great numbers makes rabbits and their baby bunnies fertility symbols. Song birds returning North after winter including their eggs in the nest are signs of both Spring and Fertility as are new born lambs. Early blooming flowers such as violets, daffodils, crocus, tulips, snowdrops are common features,  Flowering or leafing tree or bush branches such as pussywillow, leafing willow branches or flowering maple branches are often seen as well.  Children or young women dancing, often dressed in white to symbolize purity, around a maypole (with its ribbons) or in a circle is a remnant of a Celtic fertility rite made more chaste. Originally associated with May Day, the Maypole ritual is sometimes seen in Easter Symbology. Most of these symbols can be found on the cards included in the "Looking Out My Backdoor" Easter card collection.