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Don't give holiday or greeting cards that look like they were an after-thought while you were at the grocery or pharmacy. Give cards that say "I thought about you and picked this unique card especially for you."  Give "Looking Out My Backdoor" holiday and greeting cards.

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Victorian and Edwardian era themes make up the designs of these Antique, Victorian era, Retro Look and Vintage style holiday cards: Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day Fathers Day, Halloween,Thanksgiving. We have unique greeting cards and holiday cards for most holiday and social occasions.

Antique and vintage images have been retouched and reformatted to correct deficiencies due to age but not to the extent that the beauty is diminished or its "vintageness" is lost.  The image is printed on high quality paper for a bespoke look and a high quality foil-lined envelope is included.  The cards are 8.5in x 5.5in unless otherwise noted. Each of our holiday cards, greeting cards and note cards are hand made in the USA.

Don't give a card that looks like it was an after-thought while you were at the grocery or pharmacy.  Give a card that says "I thought about you and picked this unique card especially for you." Give a "Looking Out My Backdoor" card..

The Victorian Era: Flowers and Their Social Meanings

Flowers were very important in social rituals during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Flowers, herbs and plants had specific defined whether worn, given or depicted on a card.   

Here is a good link for beginning exploration of the meaning of flowers and plants during this period of history.  Click Here. 

Here is a lovely link with references for in depth exploration.  It has both the flowers and plants in alphabetical order as well as the sentiment you are trying to convey.  Really an awesome link. Click Here. 

​Antique, Vintage Style, Victorian Era, Retro Look Holiday Greeting Cards