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Don't buy mass-produced holiday or greeting cards that look like an after-thought while you were at the grocery or pharmacy. Buy  "Looking Out My Backdoor" hand-made cards that say "I thought of you and bought a unique card because you are special to me."

Antique Vintage Style Holiday Greeting Cards



Orders are being received and filled.  Place your order for our vintage style and retro note cards today.  They are perfect for thank you notes or greeting cards and make great gifts. Some of our customers frame them as art!


More News - New blog post! Victorian flowers and their meanings.

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Antique, Victorian Era, Retro & Vintage Style Greeting & Holiday Cards

Welcome to Looking Out My Backdooor Antique, Victorian era Retro and Vintage style Holiday and Greeting Cards!

We assume you're here because you are as appreciate the look of antique, Victorian era, retro and vintage style artwork as much as we do. (Sorry about the word repetition but on the web we must SEO.) Browse through our collection of greeting and holiday cards based on Victorian and Edwardian era postcards and antique watercolors. We're sure you will find something you will want to purchase.